Family photography on film

I wonder if the fixation of digital/phone photography takes away the joy of it? The need of documenting everything around with Iphone is definitely not a foreign feeling.  I love the flexibility of this modern medium. 

Some time ago I made a decision to avoid digital photography during my family holidays. I took less photographs and I was able to relax and spend more time with my children. My old 35mm camera is the only source of documenting that time. 36 frames is not a lot in comparison to what I’m used to. Sometimes I wait months to develop that roll of film. Every time I develop it my heart explodes with love and most of the time I love nearly every single frame. Even if it’s not perfectly focused or exposed I still love it and treasure it.

This experience makes me realise what makes the photographs so important. It needs to contain love, emotion, honest experience of one another or peaceful moment of contemplation. I also think that choosing right location for your family session is necessary. 

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